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Brief History of Muhammadiyah Association

On 25th May 1957 a group of students from Madrasah Raudatil Atfal and students of the late Ustaz Abdul Rahman Harun, Ustaz Rijal Abdullah and Ustaz Amir Esa had organized an Eid Adha Hari Raya Gathering. In that gathering the students had unanimously agreed to strengthen their group and officially established a Sunnah movement in Singapore.

Pursuant to that meeting, the name MUHAMMADIYAH was chosen and submitted to the Registrar of Societies. It was considered most suitable and relevant. In that meeting a protem Committee of 13 members were also chosen and were tasked to draft its constitution. The Protem Committee later called for a General Meeting on 25th December 1957 to officiate its formation. At this General Meeting, the 13 members of the protem committee were elected to manage the new association. On 2nd September 1958 the Constitution of Muhammadiyah was sent to the Registrar of Societies for approval.

Praise be to ALLAH, MUHAMMADIYAH was registered as a lawful association and published in the Government Gazette Notification No. 2273. On 7th June 1989, the association was officially registered as a Welfare Organization under the Charities Act, gazetted in Notification No. 0659. From its very birth, Muhammadiyah has been doing missionary work that upholds the principle of "enjoining what is good and forbidding what is evil " through its Educational, Welfare and numerous activities throughout Singapore.

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